I Am the Queen of Velcro

Rebecca Dutton

I buy lots of self-sticking Velcro because is makes me independent and safe.  The 1st time I used Velcro was to stop a tote bag from banging against my cane when I walked.  The white line shows where the
two pieces of Vecro connect.

I put Velcro on my wallet and inside my purse.  The Velcro adhesive is NOT strong enough to stay fastened to the wallet when I pull my wallet away from the inside of my purse.
So I stapled the Velcro to the wallet.

Velcro stopped my wallet from falling out of my tiny 1st purse.  It had a latch (see black line) that was hard to snap together with one hand.  Now Velcro makes it hard for a stranger to grab my wallet out of my 2nd purse which has a zipper that is hard to close with one hand.

I put Velcro on foam tubing designed to make the handle of a fork or spoon bigger.  Velcro sticks the foam to the shelf that holds my computer keyboard.  This keeps my hemiplegic fist uncurled.  Velcro also allows the shelf to support of my arm so my weak shoulder is not sore after I use my computer.

A computer technician used white tape to stop my USB hub from sliding when I push a thumb drive into a port.  However, the tape covers 2 ports so I cannot use them.  When I move to Michigan
I will have my brother put 2 strips of Velcro on my compter desk and 2 strips on the bottom of the USB hub.