My Dreams Have Changed

Rebecca Dutton

My dreams have changed over the years.  As a young woman my 1st dream was to get married and have a family.  But I was not able to have children and my husband did not want to adopt.  Thank God I got a scholarship to a master’s program in occupational therapy. That degree allowed me to support myself without needing to work two jobs after I got divorced.  This helped me achieve my 2nd dream of financial security as a single woman.

My 2nd husband liked to travel so my 3rd dream was to see the world.  I have precious memories of Paris, London, New Orleans, Prince Edward Island, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and Alaska.  An actor in a commercial asked “When we are on our deathbed will we regret what we didn’t buy or the experiences we missed?”  I have thrown away many of the items I bought but my memories of traveling still make me happy.

Moving into an independent living community has given me a 4th dream.  Except for short visits with family and friends, I have not been around people every day since a stroke forced me to retire 18 years ago.  I had social contacts at my breakfast club, church, and dinners and day trips with friends.  However, after spending 2 years in isolation because of covid I crave human contact.  I do not expect to form deep friendships, but covid taught me how comforting it is to have someone say “hello.”  I might even learn what I am thinking when I hear what I say to other people.